Day 1-Tiiirreeedddd. But here.

Bonjour from a high altitude somewhere north!  The King family has almost arrived! After a very loud Fourth of July we woke up at 5:00 am to get ready to catch our 8:00 flight to Paris via Toronto. The glitch in our plan today was that a week ago my son had come down with a type of flu. Thankfully it had worked its way thru his system and he was feeling great. The other three of us however have not been quite 100%. We woke up, took Advil, some deep breaths and were ready to go. My daughter has probably felt the worst today, but the trooper she is amazes me. After a small round of dry heaving right before going thru security she’s perked up for the rest of our journey! Tough cookie that one. Our lay over in the Toronto airport was uneventful. We were there four hours and it seemed to go by fairly fast. Now we, and 480 other people are somewhere over the middle of the Antarctic and two hours away from our destination. Mike and Sam are sleeping like champs while Annalin and I make eye contact every few minutes in between our rearranging. I see the light starting to come in thru the windows and I know we will arrive as Paris is coming alive in the morning. I can’t wait! We will take a taxi to our Airbnb, check in and see where the road takes us. Feeling so blessed and love having the four of us on this adventure together. Au Revoir!

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  1. Safe journey my wonderful and amazing Fabulous Four Adventure Kings!! Love it, love it, love it!


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