I know I am out of order writing about my adventures but I have to write about the city of Tangier in Morocco while it is still fresh on my mind as we ride the ferry back to Tarifa, Spain.  What a wonderful day.  We woke up early to drive to Tarifa to catch the 9:00 ferry.  Met our guide Hassan who would show us around Tangier for the day and right away we were taken with his personality and outlook on life.  We drove around the city and viewed the beautiful park where the King and other princes, royalty and famous people live in the summer and what surrounds the Kasba and medina.  A Kasba is a fortress and the medina is a large area of skinny alleyways with people, shops and food that make a maze you weave your way through.  We stopped for an AMAZING Morrocan lunch with mint tea and some chicken in a yummy stew type sauce that I used the bread to sop up every last bit.  After lunch we explored the medina and found little treasures to bring home to remind us of our trip.  Today was a great day on so many levels.  My kids (and Mike and I) pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone.  Not just with language, but with food, culture, people, religions…everything.  It was a beautiful day with beautiful people.  I find that if you learn hello in the native language of wherever you visit and extend a warm smile and meet the eyes of others you can cross almost any barrier and bring people together.  As-Salaam-Alaikum. Hello and peace be unto you.

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