About King Girl

Hey there!  Thank you for checking out this blog whether you are a travel lover, someone that loves reading blogs or anyone out there wanting to adventure.  Looking back at my past travels I’ve tried to figure out exactly when I got hooked.  Was it the family trips we ventured on that brought great times and memories?  Was it that first flight I took on my own and tried to calm my nerves as I figured out what gate I needed to be at and how to get from point a to b.  Or was it a road trip I ventured out on with my boyfriend during a summer while in college around the United States?  13,700 miles around the circumference.  Seeing places I didn’t know existed, and although staying in the United States feeling like I had traveled far beyond.  My love for foreign travel came when I first ventured to England.  The history of the buildings, the cafes where I could spend hours people watching and listening to accents, and walking the grounds of where Winston Churchill lived were all enough to create a deep love and curiosity to see more of the world.  So it is here that I have decided to share my travels and adventures.  Some may be local and some may be far away.   This is a way for me to journal and remember.  To share with you.  You might find it interesting, you might not.

I’m hoping it will ignite a passion in you to adventure.  
These are my adventures.